realization through an underclassman’s eyes

The future. It’s a scary thing to think of, right? it’s scary to think that soon you won’t be able to come home and see your family everyday. it’s scary that in less than two years, we will pretty much be on our on. we’ll be in a dorm, confused about everything, and trying to adapt to college life. yeah we’ll be able to come home and see our parents on break, but it’s not like if you’re having a bad day, you can just come home and lay in bed. no, you have to learn to cope with the bad days, and find grace in them. when you do have really good days, you have to learn to savor them, and to never take any days for granted. the future to me, is a learning process. you have to learn to be more independent, and with independence comes realization. what i mean by that is, when you’re older and you’ll look back at all the things that are causing you to struggle right now, things that are causing you to breakdown, and things that are bothering and irritating you, and they will be nothing. it won’t even matter that the “hot” guy in school is cheating on his girlfriend, and trying to talk to every girl that walks by, including yourself. (which, makes you feel pretty bad, i must say.) it won’t matter that that girl called you fat. it won’t matter that you were walking the halls on valentines day seeing all the people with flowers and teddy bears from their significant others, while you’re secretly hating every single couple that you see. when you’re 20 years old, and sitting in your apartment thinking about all these things, you’ll laugh. because they honestly won’t matter, they were all just things that led you to where you are now.


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